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Brewista X Series Hand Coffee Grinder Black

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Brewista's top of the line hand grinder has sleek modern looks and is carefully hand built by trained artisans. Expertly designed by their Q grade certified development team, the X-series is an undeniably dynamic tool to grind beans with purpose. Make the perfect cup of coffee using a wide range of settings of coarseness for drip filters, espresso and french presses.


- 60 coarseness settings

- Z-shaped handle and custom base for smooth and effortless grinding

- Sleek and elegant polyhedron design

- Independent Italian steel burrs

- Disassemble by hand and clean in seconds


- Built by artisans: Every X-Series grinder is carefully hand built by Brewista's highly trained artisans to ensure you get years of trouble free coffee grinding.

- Effortless and precise grind control: Every feature in the X-series is designed to make your coffee experience simple. Brewista's Z shaped handle makes turning and grinding to the perfect coarseness a breeze.

- Magnetic grind holder: Brewista's unique magnetic grind holder base makes collecting your coffee grind easy. With less spillover, there's less to clean!

- Quality Italian made burrs: Boasting Italian burrs and a military grade exterior, grinding with an X-series is easy and precise. Brewista used a high-grade custom steel and titanium to create a grinder that's precise, durable and modern.

- Z-Shaped Handle and Tilted Base: Brewista learned the importance of getting a proper grip on your grinder, and created a handle that was balanced, stylish and very easy to control.

- Cone-shaped grind burrs: Expect the durability and quality that comes with a titanium and steel construction. It's a design philosophy that ensures amazing results for years.

- Smart Bearing Positioning: A dabber with 3-tiered bearings offers precision, comfort and easy rotation for perfectly-ground coffee beans time after time.

What's Included:

- Grinder

- Silicone Sleeve

- Air Blower Bulb

- Cleaning Brush

- Cloth Bag/Pouch