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About Us

We are BAM Coffee. We're a Newcastle-based coffee roaster that is passionate about great coffee and sustainable sourcing.

We roast the finest coffees from around the world, ensuring that our customers get a truly exquisite cup every time they drink our coffee. Our aim is to offer coffees that we love drinking ourselves - which means you'll find your perfect brew amongst our selection of single origins, blends and decafs!

BAM Coffee sources its beans ethically and sustainably from importers that work directly with small-scale producers who make up part of a huge network of farmers, cooperatives and communities in over 50 countries worldwide. The proceeds from the coffee we buy go directly back to helping the farmers and their communities.

We also offer a wide range of brewing equipment, grinders, scales and barista supplies at great prices. If there is anything you're looking for that isn't on our website, please email us at and we'll see if we can help